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ECM started the Gayaza project because we wanted to do something for the kids right under our noses. The kids in the Gayaza project all live right around ECM's Uganda Headquarters. Gayaza is a suburb of Kampala or a town very near Kampala, the capital of Uganda, on the northwest side. This district is home to many orphans, including many AIDS orphans and children who are themselves HIV positive. The children of the area speak Luganda, a Bantu language with similarities to Kikongo that the Rousters learned in Congo. After Lorella trained workers for sponsorship projects in January 2008, ECM workers Sophie and Resty began visiting homes of the area, collecting information about orphans and other especially needy children. They did an exceptionally thorough job, and we are now ready to begin the project. Children selected for the project will receive educational assistance like school fees, school supplies and uniforms, and will participate in a Saturday meeting. The Saturday meeting includes Bible teaching, discussion of practical life matters, a health check, a vitamin and a nutritious meal.

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