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Karamoja (sometimes spelled Karimoja) is a desolate cattle raising area in the northeast corner of Uganda, bordering on Sudan and Kenya-- a vast plain, separated from the Kenya border by rugged mountains. The area is well-populated with about 846,000 people, which is 2 to 3% of the population of Uganda. The environment of the plain is very harsh, made more difficult in recent years by drought. Because life is so difficult, some parents have sold their children, usually receiving from $2 to $16 for each one. The children are then resold at cattle markets, bringing about $160 each. Some of them end up as beggars pimped out, so to speak, on the streets of Kampala. Seeking out a better life, many poor families and mothers have also moved with their children to Kampala. This movement has been caused not only by the isolation and abject poverty of the Karamoja area, but also because of repeated sexual violence toward women and girls by the military.Every Child Ministries is working to fight child trafficking with the start of The Karamoja Project. Through sponsorship we can lessen the desperation and keep families together.

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