Support Orphans & Vulnerable Children at Lwengo

ECM first became aware of the needs in the Masaka district when one of our workers heard about a child found in a garbage bag and left for dead. Our worker Resty, had just been through a child trafficking training led by one of our Co-Directors Lorella. The training was given to help our staff become more aware of their surroundings and the very real dangers that children face, especially those already living in vulnerable environments. Resty began investigating this story and quickly found that a family had taken the child in and taken her to the hospital. Through further investigation by police it was found that this little girl had been kidnapped from her home a year and a half earlier and was used for ritual sacrifices. A once healthy child will now never be the same and face many obstacles in life. Upon visiting this foster family many times Resty saw that they were very needy themselves and yet have given so much to care for this little girl. Resty has now began collecting information about orphans and other especially needy children in the Masaka district. Children selected for the project will receive educational assistance for school fees, school supplies and uniforms, and will participate in a Saturday meeting. The Saturday meeting includes Bible teaching, discussion of practical life matters, a health check, a vitamin and a nutritious meal.

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