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Tegotatoo (say Teh goh tah tor) orphans are living in abject poverty in an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp in Northern Uganda. Tegotatoo is home to about 20,000 people, but because the camp is well off the main road, its people have not received much help. Every Child Ministries has adopted this camp in a cooperative project with Gulu Community Bible Church. Gulu is the nearest town—about 15 miles from Tegotatoo. Until recently, adults of the area were restricted to camp because of the imminent threat of their children being kidnapped by the demonic "Lord's Resistance Army." This meant they had to exist on a diet of gruel supplied by the World Food Program. That diet supplied 70% of their minimum daily requirements. Now that peace is on the horizon for northern Uganda, the soldiers that guarded the camp have been withdrawn and the people are free to raise gardens. In fact, the area around Tegotatoo now blooms with well-kept gardens, all dug by hand with hoes. The people of Tegotatoo are not lazy, but their children are in serious trouble. Only a small percentage of families can afford to send their children to school, even though education is free in Uganda. They cannot afford the books, pencils and uniforms that are required. We questioned at first why the children had to wear uniforms for school, but a week's ministry there opened our eyes. The children are dressed in filthy rags at best and some are entirely naked. Requiring school uniforms means the children will be dressed decently and without competition with one another.

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