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Kamwokya (say Kah- MOH-tcha) is a district of Kampala, the capitol city of Uganda. Kamwokya contains the biggest and worst slums of the city. Many people live there (amongst others) who have been displaced from their original homes because of the war in the north. The leader of one group of northerners, a man named Julius CRAWLED all the way to Kampala from the north.

Kamwokya is a squalid place where overcrowding and waste disposal are a big problems. Most families live in a single room apartment. There are almost no trees and no gardens. Although education is free in Uganda, many of the families of Kamwokya cannot afford pencils, books and uniforms that are needed for their children to attend. The dream of many of the children we interviewed was to go to school "like other children." Of course, at the same time, they would also be preparing for the possibility of a better life.

Sponsorship of your child from Kamwokya will enable him or her to attend school. Every Child Ministries is cooperating with many local schools to ensure that our children receive a good education. In addition to all that is needed for school, your sponsorship will also provide weekly spiritual teaching with a nutritious lunch, vitamins, first aid and health care as needed.

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