Support Central Region that keeps Children Safe from Trafficking!

Central Region, Ghana—The Central Region, located midway along Ghana's southern coastline bordering the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean, first came to our attention through our ministry to street kids. As we got to know kids living on the streets of Accra, we realized that a very high percentage of them "hailed", as they say in Ghana, from the Central Region. Poor fishing towns dot the coastline, along with two old slaving castles, Cape Coast, and Elmina, which are very well preserved. Inland, poor farming villages are scattered through the interior of the region. One major, two-lane paved road goes across the region and connects it to other parts of Ghana and to other countries—Ivory Coast to the west and Togo to the east. This road is also used extensively by child traffickers, for the poor families of the region are easy targets for child traffickers. They just promise the parents they'll give the kids a good education & send money home. Then they load the kids up, often on buses, and they're never heard from again. A couple years ago, Lorella had just returned from making some initial contacts in the Central Region when she read on the internet that police had intercepted two entire busloads of children being trafficked out of the Central Region! ECM has targeted the Central Region, too. We are now beginning a sponsorship program there in which we will begin helping children of the area, because sponsored kids DO NOT get trafficked. Sponsorship provides enough hope that families hold on to their children. Please pray with us, not only for your child, but for all the children of the Central Region.

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