Initiative vs. Ritual Abuse & Murder (Sacrifice)

Every Child Ministries' mission is to offer hope, practical help & dignity to African children & their families in the name of Jesus, with special emphasis on those who are broken or outcast for any reason--"the forgotten children of Africa." Some of those served are street children, orphans & abandoned children, trafficked & slave children, ritually abused & sacrificed children, children of war, children in prison, children with albinism.

Ritual abuse & sacrifice (called ritual murder in Uganda) is a huge problem in E. Africa. ECM is helping one young, preschool victim who was abused, had body parts cut off to make good luck potions, and then tied up in a burlap sack and discarded like rubbish. By God's grace she was found and survived. A once perfect child, she now suffers from cerebral palsy as a result of her ordeal.
The mission of this project is to show the love of Jesus by helping victims of this horrific practice and to alert and educate the public so as to reduce the risk of other children.

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