A new project to stop child trafficking

Needs 1 sponsor (School and Boarding)

Uganda K'jong Homeland, Lochoto (Abram) Longok 3001 A Project of Karamoja Homeland (Uganda)

Stop Child Trafficking by Supporting this Child

Although Abram's mother is a member of the Born-Again church (that's a name, like Valley Baptist), Abram's 8 years of life have been filled with tragedy. The difficulties of raising a family in Karamoja land cause many family stresses. Abram's family lost everything, including their cattle, which is the major measurement of wealth in Karamoja. In cases like these, often a father blames his wife. Abram's father greatly abused the mother, often beating her. One day, he beat her almost to death and then fled to avoid the law. The mother was greatly struggling to support the six children under her care—Abram, four siblings, and another relative they had taken in, so Abram's grandfather stepped in and took Abram to live with him. They live in two small, round huts made of mud and sticks, with a mud floor and grass roof. They sleep on the floor on mats and cowhides. They work hard creating a small garden of cassava and sourghum to help with their own immediate needs. Abram had got up to P3 (third grade) in school, but last year, had to drop out due to inability to pay the fees.
Your sponsorship will be a great blessing to Abram and his family. It will enable one of the family to stay in school, so that one day he will be better able to support his family. It will relief the grandfather, who has been unable to meet Abram's school needs, and will be a joy to his mother. Abram will hear the Gospel in a weekly club meeting, and ECM workers will visit both the grandfather and the mother to build friendship and to share the Gospel with them.
We need to enlist two sponsors for Abram because of the family's extreme needs.

Your gift will be used to help launch this new project. As our workers address the root causes of child trafficking in the area, we hope to also show each child and family the personal love of Jesus Christ. Thank you for helping to make this possible. May God bless you richly.