A new project to stop child trafficking

Needs 2 sponsors (School and Boarding)

Uganda K'jong Homeland, Loukae Lolei (Abram) 3008 A Project of Karamoja Homeland (Uganda)

Stop Child Trafficking by Supporting this Child

Loleo Abram comes from a family of seven children—five siblings and a relative's child they have taken in.. They live together with the parents. Loleo shows an unusual zeal for education, and this has not always been understood by his family, and was considered bad character.. When he started school, he was often mistreated. Because he left home early in the morning, his parents felt he was wasting time. On his return in the evening he was sometimes beaten with canes for dodging to graze cattle in order to study. Later, however, his good performance in school inspired his parents to support his education.

Loleo's parents being peasants find it hard for them to provide school requirements and scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils, etc for him. This makes Abram to stay home when school dues and requirements are needed which he lacks.

Despite of the famine and long droughts, they do try practicing small scale farming though they don't reap much out of it but merely little to feed them for a while.

Your sponsorship will provide Loleo Abram's scholastic requirements, assuring he stays in school. He will stay at a boarding school where he will have time and freedom to study. The parents will receive regular visits for encouragement and counseling, and help to improve their farming techniques to adapt to the drought conditions. Abram will also attend a weekly Bible club. Your sponsorship will transform Abram's life.

Please, save Abram from being trafficked!

Your gift will be used to help launch this new project. As our workers address the root causes of child trafficking in the area, we hope to also show each child and family the personal love of Jesus Christ. Thank you for helping to make this possible. May God bless you richly.