If children were falling over a cliff, would you put a fence at the top or an ambulance at the bottom?

Help ECM stop child trafficking at the source!

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Help Stop Child Trafficking at the Source in Ghana

We've noticed that most children are trafficked out of the same general areas--areas of high vulnerability. By developing preventative programs in those areas, we significantly reduce a child's vulnerability and his or her likelihood of being trafficked. In Ghana, we have chosen a poor fishing community in the Central Region. As we help children & their families there, trafficking from the area will be reduced and eventually stopped.

Gifts to Help Stop Child Trafficking at the Source help us offer small business start-up loans to deserving families so that they can sustain their households during the off-season for fishing. When children have the basic necessities of life, their parents are very unlikely to listen to the lies of child traffickers.
$8 can provide malaria treatment for a child
$20 can help provide other medications.
$54 can provide National Health cards for an average family for a year.
$100 can provide a small business loan.
$125 can provide staff support for a month.
Or, see our child sponsorship page about sponsoring a vulnerable child.Only $32 a month.

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