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Needs a Sponsor to cover school fees

Uganda Tegot, Irene Acan 460 A Project of Child Sponsorship

Tegot Atoo Project for Orphans & Vulnerable Children Hope for War-Affected Children through Child Sponsorship

Most of the children are slowly recovering from post traumatic stress syndrome and are gradually beginning to find glimpses of joy and find hope for the future. A program of non-formal education has helped children prepare for school. One of our greatest joys has been seeing children who are just beginning to read, teaching the alphabet and its sounds to their parents at home, who were unable to attend school because of the war. At present we are seeking to recruit a couple of missionary teachers to continue & expand this important program.

How can you help?

Your sponsorship provides for all the child's educational needs, including all school fees, uniforms, and supplies. It also provides for a weekly Saturday club which includes help with schoolwork, Bible teaching, exercise, developmental activities the children enjoy, and a hot, nutritious meal. Some medical support is given as project funds allow. Family counseling is provided on a rotating basis. Most children lost one or both parents in the war, but your sponsorship enables the child to stay with a near relative, preserving what family bonds remain.