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Needs 1 sponsor for the Haven of Hope

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Nii Okine Boarding at Haven of Hope

Nii Okine, like other children living in the boarding section of Haven of Hope Academy, requires 3 sponsors to be fully supported for Boarding, plus one additional sponsor for education. All sponsors are known and recognized by the children.*

Haven of Hope Academy is a quality Christian school sponsored by Every Child Ministries. The boarding section caters to the needs of vulnerable children from crisis situations.

Your sponsorship would provide him with food, clothing, a safe home and the love provided by his mother and our caring housemothers. May God bless you richly for sponsoring Nii Okine.

How can you help?

Your sponsorship of $37 a month enables Nii to live at Haven of Hope where ECM provides a safe home, supervision, three meals a day, personal care needs medical care, clothing, spiritual care and developmental activities. Worship is held weekly, and voluntary Bible classes meet throughout the week. The love and personalized care given at Haven of Hope Boarding Section encourages Nii to develop his gifts and talents to the fullest.

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  • Silhouette
    I spent three weeks living at Haven of Hope and it was amazing!! Seriously, these kids are brilliant not to mention the great directors Rita & Steven!