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Needs a Sponsor to cover her School needs

Uganda Kyengera, Sharon Namuchwe 1305 A Project of Child Sponsorship

Kyengera Project

This project is a very new project that started in the area of Mubende, Uganda, with just one family whose father abandoned them because the children were born with a very special skin defect - they were all albinos. Our National Uganda Coordinator, Resty, discovered this family and took them under ECM's wing. Then the family had to move closer to Kampala, the Kyengera area, because the father was posing a threat to the entire family. Now, we have a new project, Kyengera project, where the albino children have an opportunity to go to school, and attend Saturday Club. Your support will ensure the children's safety and well-being as well as their spiritual and academic growth!

Your sponsorship provides all the child's school needs, including uniforms, supplies, and all fees. It also provides for a weekly Saturday club which includes help with schoolwork, Bible teaching, exercise, developmental activities the children enjoy, and a hot, nutritious meal. It has been able to do some practical things to help protect the children from the negative effects of exposure to the sun and also to create some materials that may help people understand albinism better and thus accept albinos more freely. Most of all, we are doing our best to make sure these children know that they are deeply loved by God, and to demonstrate that fact by showing them God's love in practical ways.